About the Journal

Jurnal Al-fatih Global Mulia P-ISSN 2580-8036, E-ISSN 2746-7058 published by STEBI Global Mulia Cikarang, is a peer-reviewed open access international journal published twice in a year. Jurnal Al-fatih Global Mulia welcomes high-quality manuscripts resulted from a research project in the scope of Islamic Economics, Islamic Finance, and Islamic Banking, which includes, but is not limited to the following topics: Islamic economics, Islamic finance, Islamic Banking, Islamic microfinance, Islamic insurance, Islamic Agricultural fields, Halal industry, Zakah, waqf, Islamic social finance, and poverty alleviation, Islamic law and sharia issues in economics and finance, Securitization and sukuk, Islamic capital markets, Macroprudential Regulation, and Other topics related to this area. The manuscript must be original research, written in English or Indonesian, and not be simultaneously submitted to another journal or conference.